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Hawkesdown House is an independent preparatory school for boys and girls aged two to eleven.  The Walnut Tree Nursery opened in Summer Term 2019  for children from the age of two.  Hawkesdown House School and The Walnut Tree Nursery occupies a handsome building in Edge Street, just off Kensington Church Street.

The School Motto “Endeavour, Courage and Truth” reflects the aspirations for the children. The thoughtful and thorough teaching and care at Hawkesdown House ensure high academic standards and promote initiative, kindness, courtesy and persistence. Individual attention and pastoral care for each of the pupils is of great importance.

“It is really a fantastic school and I will never regret choosing Hawkesdown House School for my child.”

The name Hawkesdown is a very ancient one. Hawkesdown Hill rises above the estuary of one of the historic rivers of Devon. There, a thousand years before the birth of Christ, local people from all about came together to build a gigantic earthwork fortress. The scale of their endeavour still stands today, a monument to their community and their desire to work together. The hill and its great banks stand timeless, now richly timbered with gnarled oaks, walnuts and hawthorn. When, at its foundation, we came to choose a name for the School, Hawkesdown seemed to represent some of the qualities that a great School and its pupils should have; hard work, endeavour and courage, with tradition and charm – an enduring inspiration.

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