Hawkesdown House is the warmest, friendliest, most loving school we’ve come across in London. My boys thrived under the tutelage of the amazing staff and loved participating in all the fun and creative activities they came up with for them. The school has a wonderful community of dedicated parents and it allows the parents to have an active role in the school if they wish. This school also has one of the most dedicated staffs I’ve come across. They genuinely love the boys and work hard to help them achieve their potential.

Ms. K Hall

I would call HHS a second home for my son, he has had a wonderful time – so much fun and so much love. HHS is a very balanced school, they let the children be children but also instil discipline and manners – creating a stress free environment because learning was so much fun! Sports provision was fantastic, with professional staff and pupils who looked after each other and were very kind. HHS proudly carries on JACK values to the next school.

Mrs. M Tamura


Both my children have loved being Hawkesdown Boys! Each child in the school is truly known by their teachers and the school leadership, both with a keen eye to their academic, social, and emotional development.

Maile O’Hara, Ph.D. M.Ed.
Clinical Psychologist


The atmosphere and learning environment is fantastic for all the young children at Hawkesdown House School. Our boy was there for three years and received great attention from the whole staff. He got along very well with his lovely teachers and all the friendly staff as well as the competent headmistress.

The education is very much tailored to the individual needs and top notch across the whole breadth of the curriculum. Our boy in particular remembers the JACK values (joy of learning, all-in, confidence and independence, kindness), which guided him throughout the years and still does so now. The school and teachers also did a great job in the preparation for the competitive exams allowing everyone to achieve strong results. We have many fond memories of our years at the school.

                                                                                                                                                        Ms. H Lee

We were very lucky to get a place for our son at Hawkesdown House when our family moved to London. He started as a boy with just a basic English and was immediately involved in the active life of the school and after a certain period, with extra support from the dedicated staff, he became a self-confident and well-developed boy, who was happy and enthusiastic to go to school every day.

The school’s approach to the boys is individual and multi-dimensional, starting from the first day till the Prize-Giving event. This is a perfect school for families that appreciate a balance of competitiveness and a joy of learning.

                                                                                                                                             Mrs. M Biryuleva


When we were choosing schools for our son, Hawkesdown House was the only one our son liked straight away and he enjoyed it all the way through. It is such a warm, nurturing and happy environment for children where they feel able to be their own person, be independent and self sufficient.

Though our son has already graduated, he still feels himself as a part of the Hawkesdown House family and misses the school very much: wonderful boys, friendly teachers, competent and very involved headmistress. Our family has only positive and warm memories about the school!

Mrs. A. Gurianova


Hawkesdown House has provided the most wonderful start to my son’s school life.  When we were choosing a pre-prep we were keen to find somewhere that provided a nurturing and inspiring environment, where he would be able to develop a love of learning and be encouraged to inquisitive and courageous.  Hawkesdown has been all that and more.  It has ignited a passion for subjects that we had no idea he would love and driven an independence of thought that we hope will set him up well for the future.  There is a very strong sense of community at Hawkesdown – the boys are enormously proud of their school and the values it stands for and the same is true of the strong and supportive parental network.  We couldn’t have asked for a better start to his schooling life.  

                                                                                                                                                                 Mrs. J. Spalton