Hawkesdown House is the warmest, friendliest, most loving school we’ve come across in London. My boys thrived under the tutelage of the amazing staff and loved participating in all the fun and creative activities they came up with for them. The school has a wonderful community of dedicated parents and it allows the parents to have an active role in the school if they wish. This school also has one of the most dedicated staffs I’ve come across. They genuinely love the boys and work hard to help them achieve their potential.

Ms. K Hall

I would call HHS a second home for my son, he has had a wonderful time – so much fun and so much love. HHS is a very balanced school, they let the children be children but also instil discipline and manners – creating a stress free environment because learning was so much fun! Sports provision was fantastic, with professional staff and pupils who looked after each other and were very kind. HHS proudly carries on JACK values to the next school.

Mrs. M Tamura


Both my children have loved being Hawkesdown Boys! Each child in the school is truly known by their teachers and the school leadership, both with a keen eye to their academic, social, and emotional development.

Maile O’Hara, Ph.D. M.Ed.
Clinical Psychologist