Policy Documents

These School Policies are available from the School Office. Please contact Mrs Sophie Zazzarino, the School Secretary, if you would like a copy.

The following Policies may be viewed or downloaded directly –

Safeguarding and Recruitment Policies

Safeguarding policy

Recruitment and Selection Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

School Ethos and Aims

Anti-Bullying Policy

Admissions Policy

First Aid Policy


Other Policies for the whole School and EYFS available in the School Office include:

Behaviour Policy
Curriculum Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Educational Visits Policy
SEND, EAL, SENDA and Gifted and Talented Policies

Parents may also see their son’s development record on request.

The School’s Terms and Conditions can be viewed here –

School Terms and Conditions


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Curriculum at Hawkesdown House

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Contact Hawkesdown House

Joining Hawkesdown House

Joining Hawkesdown House