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Hawkesdown House School for Boys & Girls Aged 3 to 11

Open Morning - Thursday 14th Feb 2019 at 9:15am or 10:15am

We all want our children’s school to be a safe place where people are kind, considerate and capable, and where a child can start their school life happily and make early friends with confidence. A place of fun and success, to remember with warmth. Somewhere that provides an excellent early education with teachers who impart knowledge with flair and who challenge the mind and the imagination.

These beliefs lie at the heart of Hawkesdown House.

We would be delighted to welcome you to Hawkesdown House and show you around, on our upcoming Open Morning.

The School Motto - “Endeavour, Courage and Truth” reflects the aspirations of our boys and girls, through thoughtful and attentive teaching we ensure high academic standards. Give your child the best start in life with a wonderful education.

High academic standards are extremely important to us although we also think it is vital to promote initiative, kindness, courtesy and persistence to all our children and this is reflected in their daily school lives. The children at our school truly do reflect this daily.

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It is important as a parent for you to feel secure and happy with where your children are spending their days, we feel just as strongly about this so, you are invited to join us in our school hall for coffee and biscuits whilst our B.Ed Headmistress, Mrs Mackay, talks to you a little more about Hawkesdown and the environment your children will be in daily and our view on their education.

You are welcome to tour our school at your leisure, observe our lessons and enjoy a typical morning here at Hawkesdown. We think it is important for you to be able to speak to your children’s peers as well as the staff who will be teaching and caring for them at our school. Our school is located in a handsome building on Edge Street in Kensington, London. The Open Morning will last an hour and you are welcome to join us in either time slot.

Please fill out this form to book your place at our Open Morning or call us on 020 7727 9090