Joining Hawkesdown House

Entry to Hawkesdown House is normally into the Nursery Class, aged three, or into Reception, aged four.  Children may also join the School at eight years of age into Year 3.

All prospective parents are invited to register their son or daughter with the School Office as soon as possible after birth. Once a completed application form and the registration fee are received, the pupil will be put on the Registered List and a letter of acknowledgement will be sent.

Parents registering their sons or daughters for entry to Nursery or Reception are invited to make an appointment to visit the School and meet the Headmistress. Confirmed or waiting list places will then be offered in writing. On acceptance of a confirmed place, a deposit becomes due to secure the place.  This is refundable at the end of the pupil’s last term at the School.

Entry into Year 1 and above is subject to a place being available, an interview and an assessment (at the appropriate level) and any references that the School may require.


Hawkesdown House operates a Siblings Policy whereby younger brothers and sisters are usually given priority.


We seek to ensure that every child has the best possible start in life.  We will consider all children for admission to the School regardless of their special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), provided they have the ability and aptitude to access the curriculum and the School has the appropriate resources and facilities to provide them with the support that they require. The School will always take reasonable measures to support a pupil with physical difficulties and where possible will make reasonable adjustments for accessibility when required.  It is a condition of entry that parents must disclose any known or suspected circumstances relating to their child’s health, development, allergies, disabilities or learning difficulties, with copies of all written reports and other relevant information before their son or daughter starts at the School.  Should such diagnosis be made after a place has been offered and accepted, or after a pupil has started at the School, parents are still under an obligation to provide the School with any relevant diagnosis of medical or educational needs.

No pupil will be denied entry to the School on grounds of race, religion, homophobia, political or other opinion, national or social origin or association with a national minority.


Initial enquiries for admission to Hawkesdown House may be made over the phone or by email. Brief details will be taken and a prospectus, application form and letter explaining our registration process are sent out in the post.

A ‘New Entry Day’ is held in the Summer Term for pupils to be introduced to their new classes. It is also an opportunity to purchase school uniform at the School and meet fellow new parents. Pupil Packs, containing relevant forms to complete will be provided and must be returned to the School prior to a pupil’s start date.

Alternatively, the online contact form may be completed from the website ( and the Admissions Secretary will reply to the request.

Application Form

Admissions Process, Fees and Dates

Further enquiries regarding the Admissions Procedure or Policy should be addressed to the School Admissions Secretary, Mrs Sophie Zazzarino on or on 0207 727 9090.

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