Charities We Support

At Hawkesdown House School, we are a proud partner of United World Schools. We help UWS Khamare, a school newly opened in the Makalu province of the Sankhuwusaba region of Nepal. As it is a fairly new school, its learning spaces still need developing to be as effective as they can be and we are supporting them in this by pledging to raise a minimum of £4,000 each year. Our money is also going to help train members of the local community to be part of the ‘School Support Committee’ which functions as governance for the school. All children have the right to an education and we are proud to help all those who attend UWS Khamare.


At Hawkesdown House School we are proud to support Down’s Syndrome Association with their Odd Socks Day in March. The children wear odd socks instead of their blue or white school socks and donate at least £1 to the charity.



MacMillan Cancer Support

Each September, our School Council organises and runs our Macmillan Coffee Morning for parents. All money raised from this event goes to Macmillan Cancer Support, a charity that supports people and helps them to live their lives as fully as they can whilst battling this disease. Their help is totally focused on each person, so everyone receives the support that’s best for them.